sheltaPod – The Ultimate Campervan Awning

As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader, we (well, mainly Tom) converted a Renault Trafic into a campervan last year, and we’ve put it to good use this summer! This year we invested in a sheltaPod as an addition to the van – and after testing it out over the past few months, I can confirm that it is an excellent campervan awning.

After using the sheltaPod on a few camping trips this summer, we have established that it is best used as our kitchen/lounge/storage area while we are away. The Sheltapod comes with a waterproof inner section that zips up, which is perfect for the unpredictable British weather! The awning itself attaches over the van with adjustable straps, which are easy enough to use – although it does take a couple of goes to get used to putting the sheltaPod up correctly!




Inside the bag you’ll find the outer tent, zip up inner, ground sheet, wind shields, pegs and poles. The sheltaPod is designed to be customisable to your needs, and we generally use it with the zip up inner and wind shields – pretty much because it usually rains on our trips! We’ve found this combination works well for our needs.


Our first time putting up the sheltaPod took… a little while… but we’ve since got our timing down to around 30 minutes, give or take a bit! Here it is, in all its orange glory.





Our set up inside the sheltaPod is normally like the below – two kitchen tables, one for cooking and one for eating, and then some storage inside.


One of the great things about the sheltaPod is how easy it is to take the awning off and drive away from your camp for the day. The straps over the van have buckle on, so you can just snap them off and go. Simple!


If you’ve got a camper van like ours, or you’re thinking of getting one – I’d highly recommend considering a sheltaPod as your awning. Julie, the owner of sheltaPod, is really helpful and her products are fantastic. Find out more here!


*I was not asked to write a review about the sheltaPod, and we purchased it ourselves. I just think it’s a fantastic product!*


2 thoughts on “sheltaPod – The Ultimate Campervan Awning

  1. It looks perfect and well done for being so quick to erect it……enjoy the fun of camping ⛺️ while the sun still shines.⛺️


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