Exploring Starigrad & Heading Home – Medsailors Croatia

On our penultimate day in Croatia we woke up to more blue skies and calm seas – perfect for a day of sailing! We left our mooring in Vrboska and headed out to sea.


As it was such a lovely day, our skipper Joe decided to give us all a lesson on sailing! We learnt about how to put the sails up, how to use the winches and how to watch the wind direction. I’m not sure we were that good though!


After our sailing lesson, we continued across to a beautiful bay for lunch and a spot of paddle boarding. We competed against the other boat in our flotilla in a paddle boarding race, which was actually a lot more tiring – and difficult – than it sounds! The other boat won the race, and we graciously accepted our loss. We really weren’t very good!


Our mooring for our final evening aboard our catamaran was Starigrad. Starigrad town is one of the oldest in Europe – and it was incredibly beautiful! Full of quaint cobbled streets, ice cream parlours and little boats tied to the walls, Starigrad was a lovely place to wander around before heading into Hvar town for dinner.


We jumped in taxis to Hear town and stopped at the fort overlooking the town – for the most incredible sunset view over Hvar and the islands! Isn’t it stunning? We walked down into the town for dinner, and spend the evening eating pizza before jumping in a taxi and back to our boat.


The next morning we woke up early and set out sailing straight away. Breakfast on the go, a beautiful sunny sky and the prospect of a final dip in the sea made for a relaxing final day on the water.


We anchored up just outside of Trogir, where Marina Baotic is (our final destination) for one last dip – although Tom and I decided to just dip our feet in as the water was quite chilly!


Once we were back in the marina, we packed up our bags, said our goodbyes to the skipper and our crew and set off for our hotel for the night – which as it happened, was overlooking the marina! We weren’t able to book our return flight until the Saturday morning, which actually worked out very well as it gave us the opportunity to relax, have a good shower and get a solid night of sleep before our flight home.


The view from our balcony was pretty spectacular – the perfect place to watch the sunset!


We set off home from Split Airport on the 10am flight, and had a very relaxing afternoon (and evening) when we arrived back at home.

We really enjoyed our first Medsailors holiday, and it was such a fantastic way to see Croatia. Tom and I both love boats, so it was great to be able to spend a week living onboard a boat in a beautiful country, and the other guests onboard our catamaran were really friendly and a good laugh. All in all, a good holiday! We may well book another one…



One thought on “Exploring Starigrad & Heading Home – Medsailors Croatia

  1. CERtainly a holiday to remembers for two boat lovers, amazing scenery too, I,m sure you,ll be tempted to go again…..fabulous x✈️😎


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