The Best Baked Goods at Hoxton Bakehouse, Winchester

Who doesn’t love a good croissant, freshly baked loaf or mince pie? I know I do! If you’re local to Winchester or Southampton, there’s a bakery that you need to know about – Hoxton Bakehouse. We visited the Winchester branch on Jewry Street after visiting the Christmas market to treat ourselves to a couple of baked goods. I’m a big fan of supporting local independent businesses, and Winchester is full of hidden gems just like this one!


There’s a fantastic range of freshly baked loaves of bread, proper sandwiches and pastries – all of which are baked everyday and don’t hang around on the shelves for long! They also serve up hot drinks to wash down your pastries – the perfect place to take a break from shopping and warm up with a coffee.


The chocolate & malt caramel croissant was possibly the most beautiful pastry I’ve ever seen. Just look at it!


We came home with a gingerbread morning bun (basically a cronut) and a chocolate & orange with gingerbread crumble. The gingerbread morning bun was incredibly tasty – perfectly flaky, stuffed to the brim with sugary ginger flavour. I could eat them all day long and would really recommend trying one if you find yourself in the bakehouse!


If you’re nearby I’d recommend visiting Hoxton Bakehouse to grab a few freshly baked pastries, a coffee and some bread. Make sure you visit relatively early, otherwise all of the good stuff might be sold out! Find their website here.


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