Coffee Lab, Gloucester

Coffee. A drink loved by many all over the globe, and something I thoroughly enjoy having on a cold winter day (or any day for that matter!) – especially when you stumble upon an excellent coffee spot. Let me show you around a pretty decent spot in Gloucester…


I’ve only ever been to Coffee Lab in Winchester and Southampton before, so I was pleasantly surprised to see one while we were away on our Christmas break in Gloucester. You’ll find them in the Historic Docks, near the Gloucester Quays Outlet Shopping centre – another place we paid several visits to while we were away!


The Gloucester Coffee Lab is in a shared unit with a burger joint – which looked very nice, and is somewhere I’d like to try when we return! However, we were there for the coffee and cake.


One of the things I like about Coffee Lab (whichever one you visit) is their range of dairy-free alternatives – I always opt for soy, almond or oat in my coffee as I prefer the taste. Coffee Lab offer a range of coffee, tea and sweet treats – served up in a fuss free manner, which is refreshing compared to a lot of too-trendy coffee shops these days!


You can find Coffee Lab in Southampton, Winchester and Gloucester – depending on which you’re nearest to! I’d love to hear what you think if you pay them a visit.

If you have any recommendations for other coffee shops I should visit across Hampshire, let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Coffee Lab, Gloucester

  1. I LOVE the Coffee Lab in Winchester (the new one in the Square is lovely as well) but I have to say the aesthetics in this one look so nice! The tea there is by far the best that I’ve tried in a coffee shop before and I am not afraid to say that I’m definitely a regular. I really want to visit this one now!

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