Breakfast at Granger & Co., Chelsea


Breakfast is probably my favourite meal of the day – it can be sweet or savoury, you can call it brunch if you’re so inclined, and you can even have a mimosa if you’re celebrating something! You can celebrate the start of a weekend, right?

I’ve got a great breakfast spot to tell you about today, serving up the best brekkie I’ve ever had. Yes, that’s right! Let me introduce you to Granger & Co., an Aussie inspired restaurant situated in London. We headed down to their Chelsea restaurant for breakfast when we were in the capital, and were greeted by a lush green exterior and a stylish, cosy interior. We arrived just after 9am for breakfast, and I’d definitely suggest arriving early as seats fill up fast!


On the menu you’ll find a fantastic amount of choice – fresh juices, lattes, açai bowls, pancakes, eggs and more. I opted for a green juice and a matcha latte, with a Fresh Aussie to follow.


The scrambled eggs were like nothing I’ve ever seen before – fluffy, silky clouds of eggs, swirled into a beautiful shape. Just look at them!


The Fresh Aussie came with a LOT of kale (which was actually very nice), avocado, salmon and poached eggs – plus a side of toast. Very nice!


However, the complete star of the show – and something I’m determined to recreate at home using this recipe from The Londoner – were the Ricotta Hotcakes, with banana, syrup and honeycomb butter. These are the most delicious things I have ever tasted! Fluffy, light pancakes covered with melted butter, smothered in syrup… are you as hungry as I am right now? Just look at them!


If you find yourself in London and are searching for a great breakfast spot – look no further! Granger & Co. have restaurants in Chelsea, Notting Hill, Clerkenwell and Kings Cross. Head to your nearest, and make sure you order the ricotta hotcakes!



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